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My Story

It all began with Grandparents...

I grew up on the far northwest side of the city of Chicago in the Jefferson Park community.  I lived with my parents, two sisters, and my Busia (Polish endearment for grandma), Irene. Busia was not only a grandparent, but also a dear friend and confidante for a maturing young girl. She was always there to listen and help in any way. We had a wonderful relationship.  I was so blessed to have such a wonderful woman in my life, who taught me that no matter what age, everyone deserves understanding and compassion.


As Busia grew older and faced many of the health concerns that too often face our senior population, she soon needed more care than could be provided at home.  A local nursing home was found to assist with her care. Though they certainly were responsible for her daily needs and well being, I was also certain that so much more could have been done for my beloved Busia. I was so unhappy with the level of care and attention that she received that I swore some day I would help others avoid these same problems.


After I married, I developed a wonderful relationship with my husband's grandmother, Kathie.  Kathie was called Oma, a German word for grandmother. Our family learned so much from Oma.  This was a woman who had raised a family on her own while living through a world war, transitioning to a new country and so much more. Like my Busia, Kathie also required in home care followed by nursing home care.


These two wonderful influences on my life taught me so much.  I started The Dorjath Law Center to make absolutely certain that everyone's senior family members would be treated with dignity and respect.  Life is beautiful, and their story matters!


We want to know your story.  We want to help in planning for a dignified and compassionate future, or help you get out of a current crisis.  There is no one better than The Dorjath Law Center to provide the guidance and support that you need.  I look forward to learning about you and your family!


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