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Share Your Passions in Your Estate Plan - Recognize Those Who Were Always There for You

Many of us have hobbies....Are you a collector? Do you have a passion for your hobby? Love to read and collect books? Baseball Cards? Do you find your inspiration working in the garden or redecorating your home with lovely artifacts and art?No matter what it is you do, I am certain that not only your family and loved ones, but also your closest friends are not only aware of it, but they consider it an integral part of who you are! They give you gifts of that favorite book or rare card. They talk with you about your hobby. Your friends take you to events and activities in an effort to share your passions. These friendships often last a lifetime, and yet these friendships are often forgotten when people create their wills and estate plans.Many people go to their estate planner with only their descendents and their financial assets on their minds, and that is certainly important. But be aware that your estate plan can be more than a just a way to distribute property to the next generation, it can also be an opportunity to say thank you to the people who have touched your life in some way. You can gift them some meaningful memento of these hobbies and passions, and of your shared experiences.You can offer up encouragement to your budding colletor niece or nephew, leave a friend that piece of art they always admired, or bequeath a neighbor your garden tools and decorations. All you need is an estate plan which includes a personal property memorandum—and which is correctly designed to recognize and refer to that memorandum.The Dorjath Law Center can help you create an estate plan that not only guarantees that your heirs will be protected and your property will be properly distributed, but will also help you leave a meaningful thank you memento to all the people who matter to you most.

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